About us

About us

Our company

Thanks to the dynamism of its staff, rewarded by the market for the continuous search for proposals able to fully satisfy the most demanding customers, who appreciate innovation and cutting-edge products, we are present in your homes to give you continuous well-being and relaxation.

Maximum care

  • high quality of aluminum, for a long service life free of defects;
  • shower crystals of excellent quality, offered in four different thicknesses;
  • ergonomics and top functionality for shower cabins and equipped columns;
  • smart solutions for a perfect diffusion of the water jet and for temperature management, for maximum comfort;
  • water-saving technology, which knows how to enhance and respect water as a precious asset, to live pleasure and luxury every day without forgetting respect for the environment.

Mission, New America

High quality of materials, selected with the utmost care, innovative design, ergonomic approach and the widest possibility of customization of shower cabins and bathroom furniture for maximum satisfaction of customers' needs, so that everyone can live, in the intimacy of the bathroom environment and the shower cabin in particular, moments of daily relaxation and regeneration of the body and mind.
All this we can summarize in

Luxurious wellness

guideline of our mission.