Shower Column Equipped 020 Brass Chrome shower head shower panel P43xH106

Shower Column Equipped 020 Brass Chrome shower head shower panel P43xH106

Structure Shower Column 2 functions: Shower head, hand shower Includes: Column Brass, Brass Diverter, Shower hose 150 cm, 100 cm Water outlet, Fixing A Wall, Cursor

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Shower Column Structure Equipped with Brass Chrome From Characteristic Design Square Shower Column Equipped Brass overhead shower panel depth 43 cm x height 106 cm Shower Column Equipped Has A Structure Brass Chrome From Characteristic Design Square Simple And Stylish. The Column Has Two Functions Of The What You to the € ™ Occurrence Choose Encouraging Your Comfort In The Shower: The shower head Quadro Inspectable Entirely Brass Chrome 250x250x8 Mm With nozzles Anticalcare Self-Cleaning And Shower Head On A Jet Entirely Brass Chrome Rectangular For Jets Dâ localized € ™ Water In Different Parts Of The Body. The diverter Brass Chrome E ¼ Of Tour In Ceramic Discs will let you select Easily Which Two Of Use Alternative Ed is Complete With A Wall Bracket Brass Chrome. In addition Endowment It will come Supplied A Flexible Shower From 50 Cm With Attack From ½⠀ FF With Attack To The Water And Taking A further Flexible From 150 Cm With Conical Attacks From ½⠀ FF, A Cursor Sali-Get Brass Chrome And A A mounting kit Wall. The A Wall Brackets are in chrome plated brass and are also adjustable in height To Cover Already Existing holes. The Column Dear is Extremely Versatile Since It's Possible Use it both on existing plants Laying On New Installations. Dimensions: P43Xh106 Care Product: Yes Recommend Of Wash With Soap Neutral Products Avoiding Aggressive Especially in Chrome Zone In Da Way Keep Integra The Qualities Of Chromium Lâ € ™ Installation From Part Of A Professional Of The Sector is Highly Recommended

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