Bathtub Free Standing Acrylic 004 Glossy White Oval


Bathtub Free Standing Acrylic 004 Glossy White Oval

Bathtub Free Standing From Center Room In Acrylic Gloss White, Waste Exhaust Click Clack chromed brass, Cover Too-Full Chrome Rectangular, Steel Structure With adjustable feet, TOP QUALITY

€988.90 1 pcs., L160xH68xP80
€988.90 1 pcs., L170xH68xP80
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Bathtub Free Standing TOP QUALITY In Acrylic Gloss White, The Right Balance between Design and Relax The Bathtub Free Standing Has A Structure Oval Acrylic Gloss White Of Very High Quality & agrave- From Brilliance Absolute & perfect egrave- From Place In The Room Center For a Decoration from Taste Modern and Stylish to Ensure An extreme Relax Daily Features: waste of Click Clack drain Brass Chrome Cover Too-Full Chrome Rectangular Structure Strengthening of Base Steel feet adjustable exhaust pipe PVC hose Material: Acrylic Gloss White High Quality & agrave-, Bright and Easy to Clean NB We do not recommend a long exposure to UV rays. Internal Use Only Excluding the taps

380 Kg